tanning tips

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1. Shave, then exfoliate preferable with a bath mitt and Sugar or salt scrub in shower.

2. Wear or bring dark colored, loose clothing to appointment.

3. Request tan tech to apply pH balancing prep spray prior to your tan for optimal color and evenness if you have scaly dry, sun damaged, or mature skin.

4. Request tan tech to apply Hydrofirm Moisture lock spray after your service to extend your tan, firm your skin, and lock in moisture.

5. Do not shower 8-12 hrs after.

6. Avoid excessive perspiration and  touching your skin with your hands.

7. Shower preferably with Sulfate Free soap/shower gel. Do not use a loofa. Dry off gently.

9. Moisturize regularly with Hempz lotion. Pure Coconut Oil or butter is also OK.

‚Äč10. To further extent the freshness and length of your tan, use Norvell ProLong Extender once daily.